Lectures, and about UKRUT and his associates
“UKRUT” is Pål’s (Paul’s) signature and registered company name since 1975.
UKRUT (weeds) crop up and thrive in unexpected places, are hardy and are for that reason considered unpleasant, by some.

A furniture designer,
interiour architect and
industrial designer by
education. Architect,
illustrator, and photographer
by practice.

With a past career as an
art director and campaign
manager he has lectured
on design and cultural
phenomena; in Norway and
He speaks a surprisingly
good English considering
part of his Jr. delinquency
was spent in the Bronx.

Pål stays up at night.

Kjell Erik Berg
Typographer, graphic designer & journalist, a practical web creator and a great friend:
“Don’t ask Kjell Erik, he will!”

Kjell Erik also reads
instruction manuals voluntarily.

Chris alias Jan Sverre Christensen
Mechanical engineer, a prize winning industrial designer and a good tutor, (Pål’s).
An organizer of countless international exhibitions.
He has a model-A Ford and a sharp pen.

Some of

(Not available for competitors)

Peder Kvello
is Norway’s greatest (201 centimetres) typographer. Peder can tell the difference between an o set in Times and one in Garamond.
He rides a BMW, fast, and has tolerated Pål through many a nightly annual report.

Pål also designs or illustrates
lectures and campaigns.